Idalis Bailey works with professionals and leaders in the Health, Wellness and Aesthetics

How will you be THE NEXT?

It is a unique opportunity to create a Plan of action that will allow you to achieve the vision of your brand or personal business.

Idalis Bailey is the creator of “Effective formula to Position your Brand”

Idalis Beauty Savvy has more than 14 years of Industry experience in the Health, well-being and Aesthetics as an Expert in business development and brand positioning, which has given him a solid foundation to recognize what works, and what doesn't within the industry.

Starts Today

STARTS TODAY your consultants individual fully-customized with the Coach success Idalis Bailey.

STARTS TODAY to apply the formula in your business or personal brand.

STARTS TODAY to focus on the branding of your brand towards what you really want to communicate through a robust action plan that will impact and make a difference in the market

How can you start this journey of empowerment along with Idalis Beauty Savvy?

Personal Coaching $197



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